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How to use tracking at UniTracker

 Online merchants and sellers in online auctions like eBay will provide you with tracking code for your shipment. Copy and paste this code into field "tracking number: in upper blue strip and press button "go" or just key [Enter].

 UniTracker automatically detects carrier and fetches tracking information about your shipment. If there are enough geographical points you will see visual tracking map in the right column.

 Each visitor is assigned unique cookie stored in your computer, even without registration you will have stored last 20 trackings entered into search unless you delete cookies in your computer. Remember that cookies are non-transferable, you cannot see your stored trackings on any other computer than the one you used for search unless you create an account at Unitracker. Account is FREE, create one right now and prevent loss of your stored data.

 Each search result can be accompanied with your own note . This way you can personalize your search and note where you purchased it, order number, what is the content etc. You can enter max.255 characters to each search result. It's secure, no one else has access to your trackings or notes.

 History of your tracking searches is available on your homepage.

 You can access or link this website even by shortcut URL

 If you wanna use tracking links to UniTracker in your applications or on your website you can even use shortcut URL[your_tracking_code]

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